5th Conference

of the International Loehe Society

25-28 July 2021 - Dubuque/Iowa, USA


Sun, 25 July 2021


                  Arrival (before 4:30pm)


2:00pm      Tour of Dubuque and the Wartburg Theological Seminary


4:30pm      Opening session with presentation of participants’ publications


6:00pm      Dinner


7:30pm      “Wilhelm Loehe and the Future Church” (Craig L. Nessan, Dubuque/Iowa)


Mon, 26 July 2021


8:30am      Morning devotion


9:00am      “Why bother with dusting off and updating Deinzer? Reflections on Writing a New Biography of Loehe” (John Stephenson, Ontario/Canada)


11:00am   “Loehe about himself: Where did Loehe see the Essential in his Foundations?”(Rudolf Keller, Ansbach/Germany)

“Dogmengeschichte und Dogmenentwicklung: Loehe’s Posture Towards 19th Dogmatic Trends“ (James Ambrose Lee II, Chicago/Illinois)


12:30pm   Lunch


2:30pm      Presentation of papers, discussion groups


4:30pm      Business meeting


6:00pm      Dinner


7:30pm      “A Missionary Ecclesiology: Loehe’s Contribution to contemporary discussions on the missio Dei (K. Detlev Schulz, Fort Wayne/Indiana)


“Loehe's Legacy and Borderless Solidarity: Destigmatizing Immigrants in a Xenophobic
(Man Hei Yip, Dubuque/Iowa)



Tue, 27 July 2021


7:30am      Departure to Waverly


10:00am   “The Relationship of the Functional and Ontological in Wilhelm Loehe’s Theology and Practice of the Pastoral Office” (Steven J. Pietsch, Adelaide/Australia)


“The Reception of Luther's oratio, meditatio, tentatio in Loehe's Approach to Pastoral Theology” (John T. Pless, Fort Wayne/Indiana)


11:30am   Guided tour of Waverly


12:30pm   Lunch


2:00pm      Departure to Saint Sebald


3:00pm      Guided tour of Saint Sebald


4:00pm      Departure back to Dubuque


6:00pm      Dinner


7:30pm      “From the 19th century Deaconess Institute to the Diaconical Enterprise in the 21st century: The Role of the Deaconess Community in Neuen­dettelsau” (Matthias Honold, Neuendettelsau/Germany)


“Serving on Bended Knee, Serving on Tiptoe: The History and Future of the Diaconal Movement in the United States” (Jenny Wiley Legath, Princeton/New Jersey)


9:00pm      Sociable evening



Wed, 28 July 2021


9:00am      “Loehe’s Liturgical Legacy: Addressing Crises pof Identity and Mission Then and Now” (Thomas H. Schattauer, Dubuque/Iowa)


“Loehe’s Legacy Meets the Disinherited: A Conversation of Liturgies and Lives Mattering” (Jan Schnell, Dubuque/Iowa)


11:00am   Summary and Devotion


12:30pm   Lunch


                 Farewell and Departure



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