The International Loehe Society

The International Loehe Society (ILoeS) was founded in 2005 at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, with this expressed statement of purpose: “The International Loehe Society is to promote study of the life, theology, and work of Wilhelm Loehe (1808-72) in historical context and to explore Loehe’s continuing significance for the church in its life and mission today. The scope of Loehe’s work extends through the institutions he founded in Neuendettelsau and their outreach throughout the world.”


Regular conferences serve for research and international exchange. The first „ILoeS | Loehe Theological Conference“ was held in 2005 in Dubuque/Iowa, the second in 2008 in Neuendettelsau/Germany, the third in 2011 in Fort Wayne/Indiana, and the fourth in 2014 again in Neuendettelsau. The published proceedings show the actual discussion and the wide participation.


This website offers also tools for research on Wilhelm Loehe, information about archives and the possibility of discussion.

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