5th Conference

24-27 July 2022 - Dubuque/Iowa, USA


Sun, 24 July 2022

Wilhelm Loehe and the Future Church
Craig L. Nessan, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque

Mon, 25 July 2022

Why bother with dusting off and updating Deinzer?
Reflections on Writing a New Biography of Loehe

John Stephenson, Concordia Seminary, Ontario/Canada

Loehe about himself:
Where did Loehe see the Essential in his Foundations?

Rudolf Keller, University of Regensburg, Ansbach/Germany

Dogmengeschichte und Dogmenentwicklung:
Löhe’s Posture Towards Nineteenth-Century Theological Trends

James Ambrose Lee II, Concordia University, Chicago/Illinois

A Missionary Ecclesiology:
Loehe’s Contribution to Contemporary Discussions on the 
missio Dei
K. Detlev Schulz, Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne/Indiana

Loehe's Legacy and Borderless Solidarity:
Destigmatizing Immigrants in a Xenophobic Nation

Man Hei Yip, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque

Tue, 26 July 2022

Wilhelm Löhe’s Doctrine of the Office of the Ministry
in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Steven J. Pietsch, Australian Lutheran College, Adelaide/Australia

Wilhelm Loehe, Georg Grossmann, Wartburg College, and the Iowa Synod  

Terry Lindell, Wartburg College

Lindell, Terrence (Slides) - Loehe and G
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From the 19th century Deaconess Institute to the Diaconical Enterprise in the 21st century: Diaconal work in Neuendettelsau through the ages
Mathias Hartmann, Diakoneo, Neuendettelsau/Germany

Serving on Bended Knee, Serving on Tiptoe:
The History and Future of the Diaconal Movement in the United States

Jenny Wiley Legath, Princeton University, New Jersey

Wed, 27 July 2022

Loehe’s Liturgical Legacy:
Imagination for Identity and Mission Then and Now

Thomas H. Schattauer, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque

Loehe, Liturgy, and Lives Mattering
Jan Schnell, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque

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